The Writer Inside of Me Is Pushing Her Way to the Surface

Since I can remember, my mind has always been swirling with different stories and new characters I imagined one after another.  I have always looked at strangers on the street and given them a life story.  Each night as I fell asleep, I created a new story in my head. Playing with dolls as a child was not just a simple activity to pass the time or keep me occupied.  Each time I picked up a doll, I became a girl juggling many roles.  I was an interior designer: creating a home for my dolls from making a bed and adding pillows down to the last mug on the kitchen table.  I was a fashion designer: filling their closets and drawers with the most stylist shirts and shoes and filling hooks with bags and stylish hats.  I was a hair stylist: constantly changing their do from up to down, from straight to wavy, and occasionally permanently changing the length of their hair (hey, my hair grew back but no one told me their hair wouldn’t grow back…).  But most importantly I gave them life.  I created their actions, their relationships, their voice.  They went to high school graduation (it was important that they graduated high school but I’d rather not make them actually go to high school).  They made friends, fell in love, found their passion, and constantly had new adventures.  I gave each of them a career they worked hard to get to and worked even harder at to keep.  They had family and friends they wanted to come home to and spend time with.  Of course somewhere in there I threw in a bad friend, a mean boss…some sort of conflict.  I gave them bad ex boyfriends (everyone has at least one, right?) and eventually, a ring, a wedding, and a husband.  They had children and created treasured memories.  I created these moments and between my dolls, my sister, and I we will always have those memories.  I loved every second spent creating these adventures for my dolls, but every little girl grows up eventually and I had to find a new outlet for my imagination.

As I out grew my dolls, my mind continued to swirl with all these ideas and I had nowhere to put them.  So, one day, I began to write it all down.  I immediately had all these stories started and each time I added to them they became more complex.  My writing has come and gone in random spurts over the years.  I don’t always have time to sit down and put my ideas in writing though and ultimately I forget my grand idea before I write it down somewhere.  I hate to think of all the amazing stories I have lost because I didn’t take two minutes to write down what I was thinking.  Lately, as my passion has grown for my writing, I have been making time to write on a regular basis.  Whether I am in school or at home working my part-time job, somewhere in between the constant craziness I try to find at least ten minutes each day to write something.  Writing is like exercising.  You can’t expect to go to the gym for the very first time, work out for an hour, and leave with perfectly sculpted muscles like someone who has been going to the gym every morning for the last five years.  I’m exercising my brain, testing my creativity, and growing my imagination.  I once saw a quote that said, “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”  If that is the case then I should be an author because no matter what I am procrastinating I will sit down and write.

If someone asked me what I do I would say “I’m a writer”.  If they asked me what I wanted to be I would say “I want to be an author.” (Oh and also I wouldn’t mind owning my own bakery cafe but we can get into that at another time…)  Someday, I will be an author (hopefully).  But even if I never have my work published, I will always be a writer.  No one can ever take away my imagination or need to tell a story.  So until my last day, I will continue to write.  As I keep perfecting my writing and creating a masterpiece, thank you for being patient.  In a few years, look up my name and if I’ve published a book feel free to read it.  I can promise that it will be a wonderful story with years of thought and imagination put into it.  I also encourage you to sit down and start writing.  Don’t tell me you aren’t creative or you don’t have anything to write about.  If you have walked outside once in your life you already have a place to start.  Writing is about observing, thinking, and reporting.  If you see something that makes you laugh, write about it.  If something makes you angry, write about it.  Writing about different emotions and events is exactly how stories come together.  Go get started on that masterpiece!  Stay sparkly!!

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