Virginia Mary Lemieux

It is with a heavy heart that I post this.  Recently my grandmother passed away and it brought many tears to my family and I along with everyone who knew my grandmother.  My family asked if I would write and read the eulogy at her funeral and I immediately thought I would never get through it.  My grandpa hugged me and told me I knew my grandma and I could do it better than anyone.  So on Monday I took a deep breath, blinked away the tears momentarily, and spoke words that I somehow put together. Perhaps the best gift she gave us is she taught us how to be strong and Monday was my turn to be strong for my family and say the things they all wanted to say but couldn’t.  I love you, I miss you, grandma.  Nothing will ever be the same now.  Rest peacefully.

Virginia, known to most as Ginger, was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. She devoted her life to her family and her many passions.  She loved her animals and passed this love on to her children and grandchildren.  Horses, dogs, and cats populated her life all starting with the cocker spaniels her mother raised.  She followed in her mother’s footsteps and raised basset hounds through GinDic’s Bassets.  One of her reigning qualities was her drive to follow her heart and she taught all who knew her to do the same. As a member of the Basset Hound Club of America she connected with many people and gained many lifelong friends.  She will always be remembered as a determined and strong woman filled with kind words and honest advice.  I learned quickly that she knew more than she let on and was always watching and protecting her family.  She never feared others opinions and always showed her truly unique personality.  She was a mentor to many, always willing to give her thoughts.  There are many great memories of my grandma and each of us have our favorites.  We respect her for her intelligence, talents, and confidence.  I will always remember her as a practical woman with a very specific taste.  One year she took me shopping for my birthday and taught me a very important lesson I still look back on to this day.  She taught me that getting something or achieving something in your life should be on your terms whether it is a pair of bedazzled jeans or following a career across the country.  My grandma was also known for her cooking and baking.  She always made sure man and beast were constantly well fed.  There was always an open invitation to her dinner table.  This is a trait she has passed down to us.  We will always graciously open our homes and our hearts for people as my grandma did.  I find it impossible to make dinner just for the people I am expecting because she has taught me to be over prepared and to expect the unexpected.  The kitchen is where a great deal of family memories were made.  All of her children made dinner with her and will always remember the special moments they shared like peeling apples to make homemade apple crisp every fall weekend and spending hours canning and freezing with her.  Another great quality is that my grandma knew people, she could read people, but better yet, she knew herself.  My grandma was truly one of a kind and could never be replaced.  She could never be forgotten because there are parts of her in all of us.  I often find myself thinking “Grandma would say that” or I hear her voice in someone else.  She lives on in the hearts of everyone who knew her.

2 thoughts on “Virginia Mary Lemieux

  1. Dear Jenna, much love & sympathies to you and your family during this very sad time in losing your Grandmother. Sincerely, marsha 🌹


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