Unknown Wonders

The warm sun soaks into her skin

as she lies on the grassy hill above the town.

She stares at a flock of birds

not sure where they are going.

The soft wind blows through her hair

as she rides her bike along the road.

She follows the blacktop obediently

not sure if it will ever end.

The cool rain drops roll down her face

as she walks through the garden

She inspects every leaf and stem

not sure when the flowers will bloom.

The bright moon reflects on her face

as she polishes the grave with silent tears.

She listens to the coyotes in the woods

not sure why they are crying to the moon.

The endless night sky wraps around her body

as she sinks in the foggy air.

She rests her head by the polished stone

not sure of the sun coming tomorrow,

sure of hopelessness and sorrow.

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