Bye bye bye

I believe in fresh starts and new beginnings. I believe in exceptional moments that mark the start of something new. I believe bad things happen and they are in the past. 

I believe in birthdays. 

And so as I lay my head down and think about saying good bye to 22 (cue Taylor Swift song) I am forced to relive everything that has happened this year and the choices that I made. I won’t lie to you I made some pretty shitty decisions. But I also made some really great ones that were tough calls and other people didn’t agree with. I lost relationships and gained some better ones. It wasn’t my best year but 23, man, 23 sounds pretty sweet. 

Taylor Swift says no one likes you when you’re 23. Maybe that is because 23 is when you learn to love yourself the most before anyone else can love you. #selflove 

Let’s go 23. I’m psyched to see what you have for me. 🎈